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driven pair/smog block off plates

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hi all, im wanting to remove the pair/smog system off my 03 cbr600rr, i wanna do it properly and use quality plates an iv read driven are the way to go, only problem i have is driven only to plates for the 07 upwards cbr600rr, does anyone know if the 07 driven block off plates will fit a 03 any info would be great thanks
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Check out Dan Kyle Racing, they should have the block offs for your bike.
cool they do thanks heaps :shakehand
cool they do thanks heaps :shakehand
No problem. :cheers:
Excuse my ignorance, but what exactly do this do performance wise??
iv got a pc3 on my bike that needs tuning and removing the pair/smog system allows a tuner to get a proper o2 reading for a more accurate tune and saves on weight a little but for street bike there is no real performance gain
If I dont use the block off plates from Kyle racing can you just cap them with vaccum caps or connect the 2 vents coming out of the valve cover together with a piece of hose?
^ yes you can
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After I did this mod my idle seems kinda rough..not high or low but it seems like the timing is retarded. What do you guys think need new PC3 map or what?
Make sure you didn't block off the crank case breather.
Make sure you didn't block off the crank case breather.
Im pretty sure I didnt but does anyone have a pic of where its located or where they ran the tube for the crank case breather?
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