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chrisontopoher said:
Anyone have experience with this motorcycle trailer specifically?

The price is right (~$500 shipped) and it seems like a solid setup. I did some searching on here but couldn't find anyone that's used this company before. I don't want to do the Harbor Freight trailer because in the end it'll cost me almost as much after the chocks, ramp, drilling, eyebolts...

Or, does anyone know of a dual motorcycle trailer in the same price range?
dont wanna flame anyone keep in mind i am just looking out and giving my oppinion.... i wouldnt trust that trailer because of the size tires on it i build custome trailers for a living and the wheels on that trailer are known to fail offten...and because of the axle used you cant get a larger set of wheels on it. and they dont pull all that well as small as the tires are you wikll see it tends to move around, bounced and ride rough in general i would look in to a triler like that with different wheels or call the manufacture and see if they can hook you up with a larger set... 500$ not bad price though
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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