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DUAL tank protection: 3M + CF Thingie

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Have any of you guys ever slapped on a double layered tank protector? I was thinking of getting the 3M thing *tankslapper or whatever* AND the carbon fiber thing. Would it stick to the 3M'ed surface? If so, I think ill be going this route just to be a little extra safe. Pls discuss
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I dont see why it would not stick to the 3M, but I dont think its that necassary. Unless you want the carbon fiber tank pad for looks. Either one will do just fine. BTW that avatar is just disturbing :) .
If your going for looks and thats your thing then go ahead it will stick. Otherwise, it is absolutely uneccessary since the tankslapper covers all aspects of the tank and does a good job I might add.
T i did that myself got tired of waxing that part of the tank so i place CF thingie on top and BTW my bike has the ultrasheild material ( similar to the 3M material ) on the major parts front fender / upper / left and right mid cowls / gas tank part facing the seat/ the bottom lowers and tail section were not done and i got no problems
hmm, interesting. Thanks for your input guys, it sounds like the tankslapper is enough protection by itself. Im thinking ill just try that and then go from there. I knew that owning a black one would make me 'paint anal'.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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