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Hey Birdman, I know you will read this
I just got my brand new bike, a 06 K6 Suzuki GSXR1000, and I am breaking it in just like my last bike, the 04 600RR.
I follow the mototune method with hard break in during the initial 100 miles and so on. I just reached 435 miles and did my first service with the oil change and everything. Now the last bike I had I did a lot of mods but never really compared the changes to stock comparison. So with that in mind and a completely bone stock gixxer, I decided to dyno it. I was fairly happy with the results I must say after hearing alot of other peoples results. I got 150 HP to the rear wheel. Have you dyno'd any stock gixxers and if so how do they compare.
Just curious. I'll get the specs off the dyno sheet later tonight and post up pics.
Don't worry, I know that the results vary from dyno to dyno. But in your opinion this is a stock gixxer. How do you think the number read. And this was during a 4th gear roll on with the gear ration being as close to 1:1 as possible.
By the way any one else with some input would be appreciated not just birdman. But I know he maps bikes for a living.
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