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First off, Id like to thank anyone who takes the time to read this.

Background story is, I ride a candy blue 04' with 15K miles all of which by me, and mostly canyon. Back in August I had a low side around 40mph. How the bike reacted to the crash I am unaware as I was busy tumbling, and breaking my shoulder. The end result was my frame slider was worn down, and the entire left side was rashed and cracked. Since then, I have replaced the tires, and the Upper Fairing. Things I am aware of are the Upper mount is slightly bent to the right from touching ground on left.

What I notice now when I ride is that when going around left turns the fall rate going to the left is greater than it is going to the right. What I mean by this is, turning left the bike feels unsettled just a bit, but enough to be noticible. I have checked alignment of tires, visual inspection of forks, and rear. There are no marks on actual frame, or sub frame, but some scratches on swing arm, where my spool got ripped off.

Now to my questions: Anyone experienced this after a low speed lowside?
How can you tell if rear sub frame is slightly bent?
Could this be due to the slightly bent upper mount, it feels more like a suspension thing rather than a weight issue.

Could the Tripple tree twist slightly to one side. (best example of what I am asking here is, like on a regular peddal bike where you squeeze the tire with your knees and twist to make straight.
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