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Hi guys,

I am leaving the LA area permanently and unfortunately waited until the last minute to sell this bike. So, I have about one week to sell this bike, and I'd like to find its new owner by June 6, 2008.

I am the first owner of this beautiful, all-black 2005 CBR 600RR.

The stats:

* 2005 Honda CBR 600RR
* Clean title
* 6901 Miles
* Well maintained
* Good tread left
* Some cosmetic damage
* No history of mechanical issues
* Does not need any other attention
* All paperwork and records provided

Includes the following upgrades (ballpark estimate: more than $2500):

* Sato Rearsets
* Pazzo Levers
* Brembo Master Cylinder
* Galfin Stainless Steel Brake Lines
* Pilot Power Tires
* LED Turn Signals
* Integrated LED Tail Light/Turn Signals
* License Plate Relocation
* Sylvania Silverstar Head Light
* Woodcraft Sliders
* AFAM Steel Srpocket Conversion - 15t Front, 45t Rear (-1/+2)
* Speedo Healer
* DID 525 Chain
* Suspension setup

And you get the following extras:

* Left-Mid fairing
* Lots of extra parts, including screws, bolts, those annoying rubber nuts that always wear out
* Oil and filter if you want to do your own oil change
* Extra coolant
* Honda wash
* Other stuff

And if you're interested, we can also package in:

* Custom saddlebag
* Air compressor + tools

Cosmetics: When possible, I have not bothered to replace any of the plastics because I personally would rather spend my money on something else. The bike has seen a bit of action and I've managed to keep most of the original plastics. Here is a little history.

* 6/2006: High side at Buttonwillow. Most of the damage was to the front end which was completely replaced. Scratches on several other fairings. Bike towed directly to an authorized Honda mechanic who, bottom line, replaced everything that needed to be replaced to restore this motorcycle to 100%. Tank, rear, and several mid and lower fairings are still original. Several upgrades made.
* 8/2006: Low side. Onto some soft dirt in Malibu. Picked the bike up and kept going--just some minor scratching on the right side to the slider and plastic.
* 10/2006: Low side. Onto some soft dirt again at Buttonwillow. This time on the left side. Again, picked up the bike and kept going. Cosmetic damage only resulting in scratches on fairings, case cover, and sliders from two separate lowsides.

I have taken every possible precaution to make sure this bike is mechanically perfect. I am confident that any enthusiasts out there will be able to understand, and appreciate this!

I've taken pictures of the motorcycle and all of the damage on it below.

If you are interested, reply to this post or ask for Chris at 818-726-9167.


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what ever happened? did you sell it? did you leave it behind?

and i couldn't find a price, care to help?
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