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Hurts me to do this but family comes first.

2005 BLACK TRIBAL CBR600RR - 4160 miles - $7300 (will take BEST OFFER into consideration).

- Bike has brand new Bridgestone BT002 Pros - race tires and VERY sticky!!!
- The Tribal stickers have been removed except from the ones on the tank
- Clear windscreen (tinted one has been sold)
- I'm the 2nd owner
- Original owner dropped bike on it's right side, and only damage I was able to tell was the engine case cover
- This bike is NOT a daily commuter. Just sat in the garage with one trackday on it (sad I know, but a man's gotta work)
- Bike feels REALLY good!!!
- I NEVER dropped or crashed the bike

If you're in Orange County or LA County, hit me up.

Here's a pic but it's not a recent one. I'll post one up tomorrow night.


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Sorry to see your bloved RR departing
but you and i know God always have better
plans for those that scarifice for the sake of family
members specially ( parents ) best of luck man

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Sorry to hear you will be getting rid of it. Beautiful bike bro!
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