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Hey guys,

I installed my Tripage LED hugger about 2 weeks ago and ever since then, my bike's battery seems to be drained. almost everytime i go to start it up, it's either weak or won't crank at all. could i have messed something up? all i did was install the hugger onto the swingarm and for the light i cut the harness from the stock plate light and spliced it with the wiring that Tripage already had going from the LED's. it was a very straightforward install and i dont think i could have done anything wrong.

if it helps, my electrical mods are hotbodies LED turnsignals and the Clear alternatives tail and Tripage 3rd eye. maybe there's a short somewhere? but if there were a short, wouldn't the bike just die when i'm riding instead of just draining the battery? it's never died when riding so i dont think it's a short. i'm probably gonna pull apart my tail section tomorrow and take a look, but i didn't touch anything else :dontknow:

could it be my alternator? maybe battery? my bike is an '06 though, and i dont think the alternator or battery would go out so soon.

what do you think?
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