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Fender elim installed

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Just threw on my Competition Werks eliminator. I have to say its a nice kit, best I have used. Only problem is the the fwd lower allen head for the tail peice stripped out in the frame slightly. I am a mechanic by trade though so I will be able to break out a tap and die set tommorow at work and fix it but talk about mad lol. I was way bent out of shape. 90 miles total on the new bike and I stripped out a bolt. I will post up some pics tommorow when its light again but this thing looks great, cleaned the rear end up beautifully.
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throw up some pics!!! Im sure its already been posted somewhere but what the heck. I'd like to see it

mine is the jardine (1/2 the price of the CW) :shock:
I got the Jardine also. The best Fender Eliminator around.
Here she is

I didn't even know Jardine also made an eliminator.
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Bike looks good. Tankpad seems a little high though.
I too have the Jardine pipe and eliminator kit, I am extremely happy with the turnout...I love them both. The FE was a perfect fit, and very inexpensive compared to the CW. The only setback is that you get no license plate light. But that doesn't bother to many people.
The tank pad was a bit of a new one on me. First one I have ever used. I had already scratched it up high on the way from the dealership so I put it up there because where I had scrathed it was about as low as I go. I may get another later on and do it lower. Next mod is my chrome though. I love the look of chrome wheels on a black bike so I have to get a set. that a eagle talon in the back? sells a nice looking kit
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slodsm sweet looking bike.
619rr thats a ford mustang man
He's talking about in the garage, yes it is. Its a 98 FWD with a new motor going in. My wastegate stuck shut on a freeway roll and melted a few things before I got out of the gas. I hope to have it running again by next month. She is a beast on the highway but not much at the track due to traction. I also had a 91 AWD that would kill on the strip but being a DSM it broke a lot. Got tired of it and sold it to get another bike.
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