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Fi light/Low idle on startup

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When I turn ignition on there is an Fi light that stays on and never blinks. When the bike starts it sits at like 800 RPM for like 5 seconds then automatically bumps the idle up to spec(~1300). The bike runs strong and well, just want the peace of mind that my bike is "perfect."

Background Info:
1. I rebuild the engine due to fried piston rings.
2. Has a brand new fuel pump.
3. This issue showed after rebuild
All help appreciated!
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The usual suspect for the FI light staying ON but the bike running fine is the MAP vacuum hose. If you forgot to reinstall it this could be your issue. It's on the (R) side of the bike underneath the tank cover. It will have a small 1/4" vacuum hose running to the TB's. Make sure both ends are connected.

The initial low idle on cold start could be due to an aftermarket exhaust. If it starts, runs, and warms up to temperature I really wouldn't worry about it. Just make sure it doesn't starve the CCT on cold starts. If you hear it ticking on cold starts just rev the bike a couple of times to increase the oil pump pressure and force oil to the CCT. It should stop ticking right away.
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