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Hi guys, a good friend of mine gave me his fiberglass track fairings since I'll be riding in Motorland Aragon in a month,.

The fairing are all crooked, have pores and some places need reinforcement. They are painted all red (bad paint, bad finishing) so I will repaint them too.

I knwo the techique but never did it myself, so I wanted to know if I'm headed in right direction.

1st would be sanding all the fairings. (removing paint)

2nd reinforce parts with fiberglass cloth and fix it with Fiberglass putty (2 components)

3rd resand new fiberglass

4th cover pores with putty

5 re-sand until soft surface

6 - Filler Primer on all surfaces

7- Wet sand and correct problems

8- Final paint.

Is that correct??

Any recommendations??


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You've probably already done these by now, I just happened to stumble across this post. I've done plenty of glass repair and you're pretty much on track. I use the fiberglass sheets, that look like a piece of cloth. Cut the size piece you need, lay it in place and put down your epoxy (Putty as you referred to it).

Hopefully it went ok for you!

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you don't wetsand before paint. you use a medium grit so the paint has something to adhere to.

you wetsand and polish after clearcoat.
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