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finally... finally

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i finally got my swingarm and enigine covers back from the powdercoated. they have been there for 4 months. but i think they look great. the swingarm even had rash on it ( bought off ebay for 60 bucks) and he fixed it and you cant even tell it was there. can wait to get it put on.

so when i do look in the for sale section for a perfect stock swingarm with the sticker, a rashed left engine cover and a perfect right side engine cover.

there used to be rash on this side! try to find it, hahaha

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That's awesome. That plus some red accents would like great on my black '06. Let us know how the ends hold up where the axle bolts go. Dunno if there's a technical term, but you know what I mean. Where you have all the nice adjustment bits for chain tension.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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