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Finally got my dream bike!!!

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Finally got my dream bike. Its an 03 600rr jet black with 1500 miles. I rode it all day today i love it. I should have some pictures soon. It has D and D exhaust, power programmer, all stickers removed, rim lips polished, led flushmounts, fender elim, its a bad bike. Just wanted to know about any special things i can do or things to look for and some good times to do certain service things. Thanks
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Congrats and welcome to the boards, enjoy!!!

If your not sure the oil and filter have been changed then do that first. Check the chain tension too and set the tire pressures. You should also set the spring sag to your weight. Other than that just ride it for awhile and enjoy your new baby.
Congrats and enjoy. A good feeling to get what you really want.
congrats and welcome to the board..

Enjoy it.. The 600RR is a bad arse bike!
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