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Finally posting pics

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Just a few. =)
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although looks like its inspired by a cow, i love the scheme :)
although looks like its inspired by a cow, i love the scheme :)

Looks good! What type of graphics are those tho? hard to see the design from far away
Nice, I have the same bike. I get a lot of compliments and asked where I got the graphics done All of my friends and family that seen the pictures of the bike before they actually seen it person are always astounded (SP) by how much better it looks in person.
Looks great - keep her shiny :)
Leyla! Love it. Nice exhaust too, what is it?
Shouldve bought one when I came across two in Va :(
agreed its a sick bike... now take good care her and keep her out of harms way!
Looks awesome dude is that a Leo pipe on leyla?
nice bike man, im usually into minimalistic, not usually into wild schemes but it works really well. kind of reminds me of venom taking over eddie brock in spiderman (not to sound like a nerd)

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thanks guys. and yes its a leo vince unlimited midnight series (i forgot the number)
Lookin good!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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