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Finally took some pics.

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Still missing bar-end sliders, but other than that, I'm good to go. I'll probably throw a couple cool stickers at it over time.

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Looks sweet, I like the look the rim tape adds
Looks good. Looks like the Erion liter bike. Putting my rimtape on tomorrow.
Thanks. I like my bikes to be like me: simple and cool. 8)
yeah... it looks nice but i'm not crazy about the white tape
change the stock stickers to red-on-white to match.

- D
Those yoyodyne slider mushrooms are pretty ugly. Black or red would look much better.
I kinda liked the white to complement the number plates and other sliders. Although I am going to put a red reflective star sticker in the middle of each yoyo to tie it all in together.
I love the tail end...I think more people should do looks sooo bad the 929 and 954
Thanks. I'm probably going to get a cowl and run the white number plate up that to complete the look and ditch the passenger pegs.
how do you like the 2 bros?
I like it. Nice rumble down low, and not screechy up high. A guy at the shop thought my bike was a 1000RR. Pretty loud bugger though. I always wear earplugs now, especially at highway speeds. Still, it's not as loud as my Duc w/ full Termi system. I was embarrassed to ride that thing through town.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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