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First let me start by saying I should've followed my gut instincts not to ride after the gym.

So here it goes. I hope on the 10 en route to cruise down the 405. Per usual traffic is a lil heavy and I'm in 2nd gear riding in the middle lane. I am in farthest to the right of the lane hugging the dotted line. The cars on the exit ramp are at a complete stop.

There is a car in front of me and I felt I had safe braking distance. The car in front of me decides to merge onto the exit ramp and comes to a halting stop. Half the car is on the exit and the other half is in my lane. I hit both breaks and BAM down I go, bikes slides under me. I get up ASAP look behind me for cars approaching. I lift up my bike, push it to the side of the road. I have some fairings rash and a rip in my jeans at the knee..

I'm still beating myself up on how I went down. maybe too much front break ( I do practice my hard stops)
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