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Earlier this year I started having the problem I see much too often here on troubleshooting. My RPM's weren't peaking 17,000. They would only go up to around 9,000. So I started by taking it to the Honda dealer and have them give me a diagnostic of the problem. They assured me the fuel pump was not the problem, and that my bike would need a new ECU or a tip over sensor. I ordered both from Ebay to save some cash. While installing the Tip over sensor I accidentally removed the TPS, I know, I'm an idiot. Now my bikes idle was all out of whack. I was not able to put it back the way it was. My only option was to order a complete Throttle bodies/with TPS from Ebay. I installed them myself. Bike turned on great, installed new ECU,Tip Over sensor and even checked the spark plugs, but...........the bike still wont reach 17,000 RPM's.

Fast Forward a few weeks later and a few hours on and I decide to order a Fuel Pump from ebay. I installed the fuel pump, bam! problem solved. Took the bike up for a spin and it runs like new. Even though I hardly need +13,000 RPM's it feels good they are at my disposal. HOWEVER....Now I have another issue. The bike does not want to turn on after a ride. It didn't do this before installing the new fuel pump. If I let it cool it seems to get enough juice to barely start up again. Yesterday I bought a new battery and that didn't work. I need some advice. Thanks for reading. Please Help.

2004 CBR600RR
Completely Stock
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