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Flush Mounts

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Are there any flushmounts that fit the holes perfectly without mods?
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Greggs flushmounts
...and to add to that question, not to start a big drawn out thread, but what are the best flushmounts - period. i was looking at Gregg's Flushmounts...although they dont have blue (like my bike) so i'd have to get the black or chrome i guess. but is there one in particular that everyone likes without regard to price?

but not to distract from the original post. sorry.
Do they have a carbon fiber fluch mount. I think that would look good if they didn't have blue.
i suggest the black greggs for any color RR. they look excellent.

we have them in stock.

call me if you want a set.

cheers... nick - mri
I saw someone on here has some LED ones, think it might be USMC look him up
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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