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FOR SALE 03-04 Yoshimura Slip on (stainless) BRAND SPANKING NEW

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**SOLD** 03-04 Yoshimura Slip on (stainless) BRAND SPANKING NEW

Thanks for the interest.

As you can see the exhaust is nice and pristine

**Note: will not fit any other years**
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noone would be interested?
nobody even a little interested? i'm just trying to figure out if i can sell this. if not its goin on my bike.
keep in mind i'm not sure about selling it. just wanna see who would buy it for that price. i'm pretty firm on the 230.
RedRisingSun04 said:
im interested at 230 send me some pics please.
ask and you shall receive... pics are at the first post.
RedRisingSun04 said:
oh **** my bad i am at work so i cant look at the pics right now. but i will check it out when i go home
no biggie i just added them.
RedRisingSun04 said:
whats ur price shipped???? to 73135 ok
PM Sent...
giger said:
Do you still have it?
yep still got it
giger said:
Alright so are you selling it now? Or still just gauging interest?
yea looks like i'm selling it. wasn't sure but once the offers came in, that pretty much made up my mind.
if a mod sees this please, change title to "FS 03-04 Yoshimura Slip on (stainless)"
morning bump!
no more takers?
Dane said:
Would go $200 if you dont get what you want

[email protected]
can you rephrase that?
Dane said:

Lets see?

$200 + shipping.

How'd I do?
thanks for the rephrase, but thats a little low.

c'mon people i need new gear...
bluemountainkiwi said:
PM sent...
PM replied
td_600rr said:
man if it was for an 05 I'd bought that sh........ GL
mmm special friday bump
sorry guys according to moeman it won't fit the 06.
seelcbr600rr said:
I'm already in contact with the seller. I will be purchasing this exhaust once shipping is calculated.
sale pending. ill update if it doesnt work out.
thechemist said:
how much shipped to CA? (90040)

or are u ever near east LA?
sorry jsut sold today. i'm always in the LA area but unfortunately for you its been sold to seelcbr600rr.

thanks for the interest.
1 - 20 of 48 Posts