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FOR SALE: Joe Rocket Honda HRC Leather Jacket

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Alright guys, My father bought this jacket for me last Christmas and it was too big, I have worn it 3 or 4 times in denial of the size issue. I'm finally putting it up for sale or trade. The jacket is a size 44, I probably need a 40. He paid 350 + shipping I'm looking to get 300 shipping included. Really would like to move this jacket so I can get another leather jacket before it gets really cold. Jacket is in perfect condition.

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Bump.... Wont refuse a decent offer.
that is a nice jacket, i'd hook it up if i didn't have my other HRC jacket. don't forget to post it on the KCSB site. might find some luck there.
*wipes drool*
Bumpity Bump...
That same jacket saved a co-workers ass a few weeks ago.

It's worth the money!!!

Bump Bump Bump, I need to get rid of this. Won't refuse decent offiers!
Bumparoosky... Bumparoosky...
Good question, I'm 5'8 about 160lbs and its big on me, I need a size 40. You can get on mostly any motorcycle website and check their sizing charts.
BTK said:
how big is a size 44
One size bigger then a 42 and one size smaller then a 46 :dancing2:
damn thats a sweeeeet jacket. really tempting, but i just got my first leather jacket, and i'm a little broke right now. gonna let my buddy know tho.
hey i am interested ill shoot u a pm
Pm responded.
And the boobs go, bumpity bumpity bump.
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