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1. eBay links are allowed, but anyone caught bumping up bids or encouraging others to do so, may lose their privileges to post in the classified section.

2. Admin and Mods have the right to delete any Item for any reason they see fit. This is a free site but we're not here to see our members get ripped off.

3. If you buy or sell an item will not be liable for anything sold or bought on the site.. It's between the buyer and seller.

4. This isn't an auction site. Set your price for your item. No "Highest bidder" threads.

5. You must have more than 100 posts and been a memeber for 60 days to post in this section. (no post whoring either)

6. Any attempt to bypass the 100 post rule (like posting items for sale in other sections, using PMs to sell items, etc.) or blatant violations of the rules listed above may result in a permanent ban.

7. Buying a membership regardless of which one will not exclude any one from rule # 5 you still have to meet that rule before gaining access to the sale section

Any questions contact one of the Mods, if we can't handle it we'll bring it up to an Admin.

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For Sale threads

I would like to ask evreyone that browses the for sale threads
looking for a bargain to respect the thread starter asking price.

Please refrain from hounding that member regarding his asking price and posting stupid, silly, uncalled for comments and post whoring will not be accepted within such threads.

In other words treat each and evrey seller's thread like its your own thread you would not like your for sale thread to be all trashed post after post with negative nonsense would you

You think you can buy that specific item for less
go for it NO need to rub it in the sellers face
stating this vendor offers it for this price or
i saw one just like it on Egay for less money

The seller do not need such information use
the pm function if that info is really itching you
and you got to share it with the seller

Use the pm function to make offers and discuss
pricing , shipping details etc with the seller

One last request if someone starts thrashing your thread
pm a mod and such comments will be deleted from your

Thank you all for your cooperation with that matter
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