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Fork Seals

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Need to replace the fork seals. Will be first time so can anyone tell me what parts I will need from this diagram? From looking at it I THINK I just need number 16. Let me know thanks.
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Yep, thats it- also, you will need to find something to push the outer tube bushing back in, its a pain in the nuts without something to help- just did mine a couple weeks ago- not hugely fun.
how do u guys prop the bike up during this?? do u remove the forks or some how work with them on. i gotta do the SAME thing, but am unsure about how to keep the bike up. working on it im not scared of.
Thanks Steve, appreciate it.

Xcessiv, I usually use my stem stand. Its a pitbull that hooks into the stem and keeps the forks elevated. You can get creative and hook up tie downs to the top triple or something else strong and prop it up.
I use the pitbull front stand too- here's a pic of it while I was doing my fork seal, which is turning into a bunch more(racetech springs and revalve, and one of my fork tubes was bent a little)

Also, I know people that have used a pulley system in there garage to "hang" the bike up.
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If you dont have a front stand you can just use a floor jack. Its what I used when I did my fork seals. You are also gonna need something to seet the fork seals , you can either invest in a fork seal driver if you plan on doing it your self in the future or find something the same diameter that wont srcatch the the tube like a pvc pipe or something. Before you take out the fork seal look at them closely and remeber how they are seeted so you will know what to look for when you put them back in. Also take your time, you dont want to want to have to do it twice. It will prob take a few hours the first time you do it. Just take your time and dont forget anything. Its pretty easy
had my forks done @ a shop but when i removed my forks before...
a stable rearstand and a car jack will do, as long as you dont move or bump into it.
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what is the jacking point? i cant tell, it looks like your jacking it up on the exhaust, but im pretty sure that cant be it.
I used to jack up under the header on my r6, its strong enough.
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