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Forum Rules

This is not a ticket for free advertising. Any group purchases at a discounted price must be approved by a moderator first. If such a topic is posted without the approval of a moderator it might and or will be deleted. A member wanting to sell an item may do so in "For Sale/Trade." 600RR.Net will not be held responsible for any discrepancies pertaining to the sale of an item between two or more members.
2. NO NUDITY If links are posted that obtain any nudity or other types of offensive pictures it will be removed and/or you may be banned from posting indefinitely.
3. Watch your language! No offensive words in the topic title. People might be viewing from work and it would't be very appropriate if your boss was walking by and saw "F**KING BIKE WON'T START!" Use the body of the subject to rant all you want.
4. Have an open mind! People may not always agree with certain ideas, advise, or of general bike knowledge; while it would be your constitutional right to disagree, if it gets out of hand the topic will be locked.
5. Signature Pictures Sig pics should not exceed a size no greater than 500 x 150. If you are cought being the culprit of a big sig pic, you will be asked to modify it. If you fail to comply it will be automatically changed for you. Nudity and or any offensive content in sig pics will be grounds for imediate removal.
6. Screen Names No offensive screen names. This is a respectable motorcycle forum not an AOL chat room. Names such as 21INCHCockMan and BigFatWhore will not be tolerated and it will be removed.
7. NO RACISM OF ANY KIND. If links, images, slurs, or rants with racist overtones are posted, they will be removed immediately and/or you may be banned from posting indefinitely.
8. SANCTIONS: If a forum member is found to be in violation of rules, they will be warned by a Moderator. If violations continue despite being warned, temporary or permanent banning may result.
9. MODERATORS AND ADMINS. If either should find something that does not fall under the rules but they find inappropriate, They can and will modify or delete the said item in question.
10. Copyrighted Material: No links to copyrighted material shall be passed or posted on the board. Such infractions can put the board at legal risk and will be deleted by your Moderators and Admins.

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