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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to say I had an excellent buying experience from foshoboikevin. It was my first transaction on the forum and he made it a smooth one. I didn't have the money at first but told him I was interested, he said he'd keep me in mind and let me know if there was another buyer. He did let me know that another guy was interested and was was going to send payment asap as well.

Well i'm the one that got paid and sent to him first. The product was a 07-09 cbrheaven fender eliminator. It was in excellent cosmetic and operational condition basically like new. He did make it clear before the transaction that he did not know how to install it, so I would be on my own with questions. The packaging was extrememly neat and even his handwriting was impressive. Great overall transaction.

foshoboikevin offered me a refund because I had so much difficulty installing it. It took four days, and 5 blown fuses for a newbie like myself to figure it out, but with the help of Tripage I got it done. Oh yes I did post a thread to get help on install and T walked me thru as best as he could even although I have never purchased anything from him before. That in itself speaks alot on his character and desire to be more than a businessman.

SO all in all, to get a product for 40% of retail value from foshoboikevin was a deal I couldn't pass up. He is a great seller! And secondly the customer service from Tripage to a non customer such as myself should encourage everyone to do business with him as well. This is the exact reason I signed up for the forum and have not been dissapointed yet.
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