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Hi, I recently posted asking for help with brake judder, after spending alot of money changing everything involved i am left with 1 annoying brake judder that only happens over 70 mph.

I jacked the front end up today and inspected head bearings and wheel etc and found that the forks are loose. I can shake the wheel around, It lifts about 2 inches which i think is normal but there is no resitance just free play, it also moves back and forth.

i lowered the bike back down, held on the front brake and rocked the bike back and forth to find that the forks click as i rock the bike which at spped is the judder when braking.

The seals are fine just there is alot of play between the sliders and the cartridges . Can this be solved by getting the forks rebuilt or do i need to replace the springs or worse case do i need new forks completely ?
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