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**SOLD**FS: '02 Honda RC-51 Race Bike ONLY**SOLD**


2002 Honda RC-51 Track ONLY bike (Clean Title). Bike is ready for the track. This bike is NOT in street condition. Bike is set up for the track! Bike has 12K mikes and has had its oil changed every 350 miles and oil filters changed every 600 miles. Bodywork just got a new paint job! Bike is located in Tacoma, WA

Mods and after-market parts are listed...

MVR Clip-Ons
MVR Custom Shotgun Full Race System Exhaust
Moriwaki Rear Sets
Brembo Front Brake Master (Radial) Cylinder
R&R Custom Race Subframe
Sebimoto HRC Tail Section
SharkSkinz Race Upper
SharkSkinz Race Lower
Race Suspension by Fluid Suspension Science

MOD - Flapper Valve
MOD - Pair Valve Removal
MOD - SofRev Limiter
MOD - OEM Filter Mods
MOD - Wire Loom Relocation

I also have the following spares that will come with the bike...

OEM Rims (includes front and rear rotors)
OEM Rear Rotor
OEM Upper Cowling (great condition)
OEM Air Box
OEM Clip-Ons
OEM Rear Sets
OEM Head Lights (2 sets)
OEM Subframe
OEM Subframe (Modified for race application)
OEM Radiator Fans (2 sets)
OEM Case Cover
OEM Gas tank with custom paint job on it, no dents!
OEM Swing Arm (Bought it as a spare and never used it)
MotoBitz Case Cover
Rear Sprockets - Various Sizes
Front Sprockets - 15, 16, 17 tooth

Asking $7250 for EVERYTHING as a package deal. If not interested in spares, then I'm asking $5000 for the bike with the MVR pipes and everything else stock.

Serious inquiries only. If you are one of these asshats that like to ask to send me a check for some ridiculous amount of $$ cause you are in Nigeria or some other place like the rest of these scams, do us all a favor and pull your bottom lip over your head....and swallow!

email me at [email protected]

here are the pics...FINALLY!!



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daynm!!!!! thats a tight bike!!! kinda pricy for a track only though.

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damn that is sweet bro, got a sound bite of her??

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no sound bites, never thought about doing sounds bad ass, I'll see if I can get one and post it up...

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that is sexy time right there
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