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FS: 03-06 Cox Racing Rad Guard

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my brother actually ordered me one as a thank you gift.

so now i have 2

if you want me to high heat rattle-can it black, I can
and yes, ill do it for free =)
[they charge $10 more for the black]

Looking for $80 Shipped

from the Cox Racing site, it's $80 + shipping
and i paid $38 for my shipping..

they charge for shipping
1-2 days. – $18.50
2-3 day – $10.50
Global Express Mail – $33.00
USPS Int'l Express Mail – $38.00

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Folks this part is without any doubt worth the investment what investment you might ask that is the Radiator its not cheap to replace and having a leaking radiator = overheat = stranded on the side of the road = a call to a tow truck to get you home protect that radiator its your RR's life line really is
right on, i have one of these on my bike!
pending sale to makct04 =)
i call seconds on this!
I'm interested, but it looks like I'm a little late. Hit me up if you don't make a deal.
Sold to makct04

sorry AfroCBR & PlayCrackTheSky

Close it up for me please mods
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Congrats makct04.....great price...for a great product...from an even better seller!
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