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I'm selling my '03 600RR. Right now it has track plastics, but all you need to make it street legal is lights (all the plugs on the wiring harness are still there). I lowsided it into the run off (T4 at Big Track) when it had the stock plastics. It has about 6K miles on the odometer, but I've been running +2 in the rear for a while, so the true miles are alot lower. It has a clean CA title, and it's in hand. I replaced all the brackets and screws with OEM.

Here's some of the stuff it has:
AK Composite skins red w/ white #plates (good cond)
Arata full Ti exhaust (brand new can)
PCIIIr w/ Dan Kyle map
16/45 Renthal w/ 520 DID ER
Vortex rear sets (brand new peg & mount)
Moriwaki clip ons
Yoyodyne Sliders
CRG shorty levers (some rash)
Powdercoated Matte Black swingarm (new OEM bearings)
Powdercoated Highligter Yellow wheels (new OEM bearings)
Metzler Racetecs 180/120 (brand new)
Ohlins Steering Damper*

*I forgot to list this in another post

That's all of the major upgrades I can think of right now. The wheels and swingarm are freshly powdercoated (never ran on them). The wheels have a dual stage powdercoat (white base, then neon yellow), so they're BRIIIGHT! All that I'm missing on the bike is the front windscreen (OEM will work), a hanger for the exhaust, and the slider caps (I think I have one lying around somewhere). If you're not interested in the wheels/tires, my buddy wants to trade for them, and we can work out a lower price.

I'm looking to get around $6200 as it sits. I'm open to REASONABLE offers, but nothing below the belt (I'm in no rush to sell). Serious buyers ONLY please!

Here's the eye candy:

These pics don't do the wheels any justice. They look killer in person!

I'm in the L.A. area, specifically the San Fernando Valley.
Email me at [email protected] if you want to set something up to check out the bike.

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bump for my good the guy who wants his wheels sooo if anyone doesnt want his wheels you can have my stock black ones.

....and that red fiddy in the garage in that 2nd pic looks good...wonder whos it is ... :icon_roll
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