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2003 Black 600RR w/5600 miles
Located in Los Angeles.
I am currently asking $3,500 for the condition it is in... read on to find out what needs to be done.

As a few of you know, I was involved in a 30mph lowside on my way to work one morning. The woodcraft sliders saved my frame and left case cover, but the plastics took rash. I brought the bike directly to Honda for an estimate and insurance cut me a check to get it repaired. I have a clean title on the bike, and have been in the process of buying parts.

Currently the swingarm took some minor rash, but the base where the left spool goes into, broke off.

Im currently missing the upper head fairing and lower left.

I already have a new black tail, new (used but great cond) Left mid. And used front fender, these will all go on, once all the parts are gathered.

Both the ram air covers have minor scratches on them, and the tank cover has some rash on the edge.

Also the right case cover has some minor rash on it, but absolutley no leaks what-so-ever. I had just covered it up with the woodcraft case cover, but I sold that part.

I am currently asking $3,500 for the condition it is in. But as I find parts on ebay I am going to restore the bike back to perfect condition and continue to sell it, but at a higher price.

This weekend I will take photos of the bike and the damage. If you are in my area and are interested, please shoot me a PM.

Here is a list of things I am planning on purchasing for the bike.
- Front Head fairing
- Left Lower
- Gas Tank Fairing
- Ram Air Covers
- Swing Arm
- Rt Case Cover
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