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(Taking Offers)FS: 2003 White Highly Modified SoCal + Gear/Parts

The bike can be lowered 5-6k but will not have the arata exhaust, pc3, damper, ohlins rear suspension.

Asking $7000obo (I will listen to any offer you have, just PM me), clean title, down once, approx 6500miles, title in hand
ill toss in a used joe rocket textile jacket (small, black) and joe rocket gloves (small).

reason for sale- im getting deployed again. brother and good friend will do the paper work etc. even if i didnt deploy i was planning to sell because the school im transfering to is extremely tough and requires strict dedication. (art center fyi)

story on the fall- 3am (cold), i pull out of a driveway from visiting my lady. less than 50 ft away i ran over a wet area right before coming to a stop sign.
i believe it was too much gas and limited traction that caused me to slide. bike did a low side. damages were done to clip ons, frame slider, throttle cable, brake res. cover, rear set peg, lever end, mirror, and plastics. the sliders did their job and protected everything else.

note: 90% has been either replaced or i have it with the bike ready to be installed. the reason i didnt replace the rear set peg and lever is because its minor and its not worth it. i also fell 2-3 weeks before i left to the east coast for training so i couldnt get the parts in time.

this is an honest sale. i could have replaced everything and said the scratches on the peg/lever were from parking to close to my wall which is stucco. integrity.

background story- i bought my bike i believe in july/august of last year from a guy who took it to the track 3 times. i am the 3rd owner and never got to track it. the bike was orginally black but i had it painted white after i fell. the only other incident i had was someone knocked it over and it leaned up on a planter. front cowl cracked and i replaced with oem honda parts. while i was modding my high beam so i could have a running led light inside the housing something happened and the led broke. i took it out and what happened now is that the lense is foggy and the bulb does not aim high (i think a plastic part melted). in a positive sense you can run high beam without blinding people at night. :)

ok heres the good stuff. starting from front to rear.

motul synthetic engine oil (recently done less than 50 miles ago)
goldeneye 6000k hid (lo beam)
yellow high beam bulb
bright white led 3rd eye
targa smoked windscreen
michelin pilot sport streets (on the bike, 2000 miles)
michelin pilot race (maybe 2-3 track days left)
red reflective rim tape
scotts steering damper
vortex clip ons
renthal grips
crg shorty levers
stainless steel brake lines
i believe ebc brake pads
vortex frame sliders
lp aero black flush led signals
progrip gas pad
targa solo cowl
arata ti full exhaust system
pc3 (dont have the usb connection)
vortex rear sets
vortex swing arm sliders
ohlins rear suspension (i believe its tuned for 170lb rider)
diy fender eliminator
smoked integrated led tail light
graves rear stand

for the hids i wired up a relay so they dont turn on and off with the key.
the evap is also removed and availiable.

i also have a power- something front stand thats not mine but is for sale by request from owner. asking $100

Alpinestars MotoGP Replica suit (top of the line) in grey
Used less than 10 times, never sweated in (cold season), clean pucks
$1200 obo

Alpinestars SMX Plus Boots (size 8.5 iirc), black
a little beat from getting low in the twisties
$225 obo

Renthal front sprocket -1
$40 new

Renthal rear sprocket +2
$55 new

Did Gold 520 chain
$110 new

$80 for both fronts and rear

Black race plastics ak composites i believe $600


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I think highly of things that I own and I know what its worth. Whether it sells or not depends on the potential buyer and the deal I can make. You also have to understand that I live in California.

If my price is too far fetched, please, either PM me with an educated price opinion or make me an offer and we can possibly work something out.

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Good lookin bike, best of luck with the sale.Those race plastics are tempting....

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You're asking WAYYYYYYYYY too much for an '03
Well it looks like you can read...try reading the etiquette regarding NOT telling people they are asking too much.

Good luck with sale bro!

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I emailed you back on the plastics.
The suit is 42. At 5'8" 150lbs it was a bit loose on me- especially since I have a little ass.

Since I changed the color and have the scuffs sanded the cost to paint the plastics were a bit high. $600 I believe.

Tape on the rims is just reflective rim tape I got at my local bike shop. It'll run you about $20 and you have 1 extra piece left incase you mess up.

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where can I get a set of race plastics like yours?

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hey is ur bike still for sale...cause if it is ill give u 5.5k but dont really care for the mods...can u lower the price..maybe if not dont even trip best of luck with the sell..
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