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For Sale: 2004 ZX-6RR (not 636, 600cc with the slipper clutch) Race Bike. I am the third owner of this bike. It has about 5000+ track/race miles. It is not registered with the DMV. It is completely AFM ready and literally needs nothing more except maintenance. Bodywork is Sharkskinz.

Price: $6500.00

Comes with: extra wheel set with rotors (front and rear), gas tank (blue), some sprockets, levers, windscreen, stock exhaust (with headers), set of PPTuning Rearsets...


-Akrapovic Full Exhaust
-Vortex Rearsets
-Woodcraft Clip-ons
-Woodcraft Case Cover
-Pazzo Levers (black)
-Brake lines (front and rear)
-Penske 3-way rear shock
-LE revalved forks
-Semi new Vesrah brake pads
-GPR Damper (blue)
-Factory Pro Evo Shift Star
-Tuned by Factory Pro
-1/5 Turn Throttle

Some minor issues with the bike:

-The clutch seems to slip a bit in the higher revs in high gear (4th/5th). I adjusted the clutch cable and changed the oil to straight dino and will see if that helps on the next trackday, but it may need new springs and fibers (although, it was supposed to be a brand new clutch when I got it).
-The steering damper blew its seal and is leaking oil. It needs to be sent to GPR and they'll fix/replace it for free if I have the original receipt (I think I do), otherwise it's $25, which I'll pay for.

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