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Now for those who are still reading aren't too afraid of salvaged titled bikes. I acquired this bike from a buddy who needed money and was over his head as far as bikes. This bike does run but is not fully assembled. The motor is all OEM, unmolested and only has 749 miles so its pretty much still brand new and not broke in.

The story is( I can't make this up if I tried) the original owner( fellow co worker of mine) bought this off the show room floor and rode it as his daily driver to and from work. One night on his way home from work he fell asleep while riding and laid it down in his neighborhood. As the bike was sliding the front tire caught the wheel of a parked car and made the bike spin. While spinning the tires hit hit a curb and made it jump up and hit a tree cracking the frame.

The bike sat in the guys garage for a while as he saved up money and bought parts to repair it to make it a street fighter. He bought a frame off eBay( why it carries a salvaged title) and had everything swapped over to the new frame at the local yamaha dealership. He lost interest and sold it to one of our other fellow co workers. The new owner had no idea how to work on bikes and when he realized he was in over his head and sold it to me... My intention was to get it up and running and sell it.... I still want to keep it but I want/need the money more for my other 3 bikes.

I have all the fairings and an extra gas tank(came with the fairing kit). I have bought most of the big stuff already that it needed. Still needs a few things but nothing too expensive... The most expensive thing needed is another front rim... The rim on it now is a 3 spoke rim, not 5 like it should be....the bike started right up when I put in a new battery( battery in pics was no good) and fresh gas. The registration expired in may 2012 and will cost about $250 to get the tags up to date( got this quote from the CA DMV website. I do have the title but never got it registered in my name but I will provide a bill of sale.

The fairings were painted with spray paint so I was removed the paint with acetone. The original yamaha blue paint is still in good condition besides where they sanded on them a bit to put the new paint on...I can paint them for the buyer if nought at my asking price. I have black paint in my paint locker...the headlight lenses were somehow melted and the seller sent new lenses with the headlights. I prefer local pick up but I am willing meet up at an extra cost agreed to by the buyer.

Asking $2500obo I understand it Carries a salvaged title and needs a few things but with what I've seen salvaged bikes sell for I think this is a fair price. Please ask any and all questions you may have I will answer the best I can.

What it needs:
Front rim
Headlight bulbs
Front and rear seat
Rear seat locking mechanism
Ram air tubes
Side tank plastic pieces

What I have bought but not installed
Integrated tail light
Front flush mounts
Top triple tree

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That would be an awesome project for a bike either to street ride it then sell it to make a few bucks or simply make it a 100% track whore she would be spanking that Tarmac indeed
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