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FS: 2006 R6 Orlando 2000mi $8300 obo

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FS: 2006 R6 Orlando 2000mi $8500 obo

Listing for a friend. Barely ridden 2006 R6 Blue.
Clean title. Couple or small mods. around 2000 miles, never wrecked, raced, stunted, or been down. Orlando area only, can ride it to you if your less than 20 minutes away form 32792. Only blemish is a small srape on the tip of the exhasut from a wall while he was backing the bike out of his apartment.
$8500 obo

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sweet price, bump!
hmm if this is for sale around xmas ill be on it..
sweet looking bride
Thanks for the bumps, the price is ehhhhhh......alright, ill ask his bare minimun price and post it later, for more pics pm me. It should get some pazzos soon, and a few other low key mods, clean looking bikes look good imo. Peace, ride safe.
damn, with a few niceties liek that and that kind of miles, he should have NOOOOO problem selling it.
Love the R6, but I would get raven or yellow and black.. but nice bike =)) blue are the fastest=!!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts