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I just took a pay cut to keep my job due to downsizing and my wife and I have a kid on the way so I am going to need some cash. Unfortunately I need to sell the things I use the least (and I work too much to ride the bike often).

2007 CBR600RR
around 5,000 miles
Jardine dual exhaust
power commander
Puig windscreen
Tripage LED pegs
I fit a 2005 taillight on the bike
I also made the simple plate mount.
changed the handgrips as well.

Asking $7,000 willing to deliver to most of NY, and willing to work with nearby areas.

I also have an autocom box setup on the bike right now. It has a lead that connects on the left clip-on that connects to my iphone. (tomtom navi + phone calls)

I have ramps as well that I will no longer need.

you can email me questions and I will answer them and post them here. [email protected]

ok that was a mess of information, it's a start.

Someone stabbed a hole in the pilot seat last week. I plan on getting it fix this coming weekend. Also the rear saddle look a little funny just because I stuffed a little extra padding in there for the wife and removed the strap. I can also fix that if requested.

Some older pics here.


I also have 4 helmets that are in good shape 2 HJC, 1 AGV Stealth, and 1 Icon helmet. I also have 2 leather joe rocket jackets, and 1 mesh jacket (not sure of the brand now...a cheap one).
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