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Up for sale is my 2007 r6. It's currently in track trim. This is the way I bought the bike. The previous owner also gave me the OEM street fairings. It is a bit rough as it was lowsided on the right side but still adequate. See the street trim picture for reference. (Check the nose fairing by the light/mirror as there is a crack.) I haven't attempted to put the street fairings on as I only planned to use it as a trackbike.

odometer has 32,3xx miles on it
Yoshi slip on
oil has one trackday on it (slow B group pace)
ASV shorty levers
Galfer steel braided lines just installed (new brake fluids for the front)
New front brake pads
Ohlins Stabalizer
Ignition Module
Sato rearset, currently set for GP shift
Techspec snakeskin tank pads just put on
Dunlop GPA (I believe it's 211 Ntec) has about 2-3 days left at my pace, will vary depending on your speed
will also include Pirelli Superbike slicks with tons of life left
will also include Woodcraft engine covers (LHS and oil pump) that came with the bike but I never bothered putting on. New gaskets will be included.
of course, OEM charcoal gray body work will be included and HID lights.

Price - $5300.
RFS: I always wanted an r6. But it was a bit tooo twitchy for my taste and I never got comfortable on it.

if interested, send me a PM!.

Clean title, fees were paid..registered until March 2015 if you ever want to take it out. Just waiting on the DMV to mail me the title in my name. SHouldn't be long.

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