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Your ad has been closed for the following reasons.

5. Classifieds section post requirements

While these rules may seem overly draconian, they are the result of many members being the victim of unscrupulous sellers over the years. We apologise for it being so difficult but this is what has become necessary to prevent out members being ripped off.

To be able to post a for sale thread you must have 100 posts and have been a member for 60 days.

1. A picture of the item is required at the time of the posting.

2. A price must be set at the time of posting. The price must include any fees you may or may not incur as a result of the payment method chosen by you and the buyer; it does not have to include the cost of shipping. It is the buyer's responsibility to request the cost of shipping to their address. In other words, surcharging is not permitted. Giving a guide to the shipping costs is however encouraged.

3. For all motorcycle sales, a VIN is required.

4. A sign must be included in picture of item. The sign should have these (3) things; user name, and the date the picture was taken.

5. When you are selling several items or multiple items, like wheels or anything that goes in sets, pictures must be taken with each individual item by itself showing any damage.

6. The title for all advertisements is to include a brief item description and it's location (Ex. FS: Akrapovic Slip-on Exhaust for 2005 CBR600RR ($450) - Las Vegas, NV).

All items must be shipped via registered post with the tracking number supplied to the buyer within 48 hours of payment being received unless an arrangement is made prior to payment being sent.

Advertising your items in your signature is allowed, however that advertisement MUST include a link to your for sale thread.

If your post doesn't meet these requirements it will be closed without explanation. It is your responsibility to ensure that it meets the rules.

An exception to one or more of these rules may be made on a case by case basis but this will only be done in extraordinary circumstances, such as being a site sponsor for a number of years. If you can't take a picture of your item because it's at your parents on the other side of the country, you also can't post it within 48 hours of receiving payment so your thread will be locked. The key here is that the circumstance must be extraordinary.

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Not open for further replies.