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FS: Joe Rocket Womens Leather Jacket

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This is a Size XL, and I am selling it for $189 + shipping and the price is netgotiable!!!

If you want to call me 561-714-2924 and we can are coming soon.

The jacket has only been worn ONCE, and there is not a single mark on this jacket!!

It was my Fiance's but she is getting an Alpinestar or AGV jacket soon so we do not need it.

Thanks alot
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word on the street is pics help a lot. or even a link to a site with it.
Slow your roll! :)

This is EXACTLY how it looks...BRAND NEW!
ooo, thats nice. i'll ask the ladyif she likes it
Thanks...let me know. I can help with Shipping can pick your preferred method of shipping!
cool. bump cause im heading for the 5k.
5k? What is that?
5k? What is that?
5000 posts baby. oooo weeeeeee
I bought this jacket for my lady and she loves it! It really is a well made jacket and I highly recommend it. For $189 thats a STEAL!
Maybe she wants 2!!!!!

Someone Please!
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