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This bike was bought new from the dealer and built up to race…but it has only seen four trips to the Smokies (trailered there) and about eight track days. I got busy with life, marriage, work and now a baby on the way, so I am contemplating selling it or taking a trade plus cash for a more stock street machine (thinking something 2005 or newer, any displacement 600+, in good condition; a GSXR would be great).

Will sell for $9000 (this is a one-off 600rr, and you are not likely to find anything like it in terms of mods-~I have about $6,900 in aftermarket parts), or consider trades.

I have easily turned low 1:15s on it at Putnam, and but for a lack of track time, believe it could get to the 13’s. 4000 miles, with less than 1000 on the track. Never crashed…only incident was a fall over on wet grass when I blew bus stop at Putnam last summer and stood it up…the wet grass got me going about 2mph and no damage except lever (had track plastics on that weren’t even scratched).

The 2007 600rr was a complete redesign and was named won all the shootout comparisons from major motorcycle media organizations in 2007 AND 2008, all citing its powerful engine and class-leading lightweight. Some of the awards it has received are below:

• 2007 Sport Bike of the Year, Motorcyclist • Machine of The Year 2007, Bike Magazine • 2007 Supersport Shootout Winner, • 2007 Best Middleweight Sportbike, • 2008 Middleweight Smackdown Winner, Sport Rider Magazine • 2008 Supersport Shootout Winner, • 2008 Supersport Shootout Winner,

The 2007 600rr is the lightest production motorcycle at 341 lb stock, but this bike weighs less due to the exhaust and other useless parts taken off.

Picture taken by killboy recently in Deal’s Gap…

More pics at

The bike is in perfect condition and has the following mods (ALL stock parts retained as well):

o Air/fuel sensor and foolproof software allows fuel mapping WITHOUT a dyno. Several maps built for street and track conditions with both pump and race gas.
o Quickshifter
o Traction control
o Traction control dial and map selector switch mounted on left clip-on.

• Penske triple adjustable rear shock ($1300)
o suspension is set for a ~190lb rider without gear, but has adjustability for a rider b/t 175-205lbs without the need for spring or valve changes.

• Full Leo Vince superbike titanium exhaust system ($1300)

• STM slipper clutch ($1160)

• Acumen gear indicator ($160)

• Vortex rearsets ($410)

• Braided stainless steel superbike brake lines (screws right into the caliper with no banjo bolt) ($110)

• Ferrodo CP911 race brake pads ($150)

• Frame sliders all around ($140)

• BMC race air filter ($90)

• Higher profile windscreen ($70)

• 520 x-ring chain kit, with two front and four rear sprockets in mint condition ($450)

• WERA spec safety wire (this is the most rigorous safety wire requirement you will ever encounter anywhere)

Ryan, 317.418.3818 (Indianapolis)


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Good luck with the sale! With that said, I would hardly say you couldn't find more mods! lol
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