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FS: No longer considering potential buyers



Hey guys. Just thought I'd give a shot at selling it as one piece before taking it apart and starting the partout. Feel free to ask any questions.

Some of you may have read my crash thread a little while back, or the one about rebuilding it and parts I need. Anyway, I decided to just part out the bike, or maybe sell it as a parts/project bike. I'll be taking it apart this Sunday and taking the frame/wheels to be checked by a very reputable shop here in Sacramento the next week.

Since its not taken apart yet, I don't know what parts are still good, so you can start thinking about what you want, calling dibs and we'll start talking prices. Of course, right now is a great time to make me an offer on the whole thing.

It is still currently registered and I think has a clean title. I'll call the DMV to make sure. I have the pink in hand and I think the bike had about 9k in miles.

Here is how the bike is currently laying before I take it apart and bring the frame to get it tested. If you guys can think of a way for me to test the engine/trans without an instrument cluster, please tell me. I honestly think they're still good though as it should have been shut off once I went horizontal.

I also have a stock windscreen and woodcraft frame sliders NIB (along with the spools you can see in the pictures).

Since I have to post a price, lets say 2300. If everything checks out, I think its a good deal for a clean title/frame. Remember, the more work you save me, the lower I'd be willing to go down in price. I was working out what it needed and for about 1.5k and some tender loving, it should be good as new.

Reports had me crashing at about 38mph and apparently the front of the bike went into a ditch and threw me off. Saving what I think a good portino of the bike. Pictures of the crash had it in a dirt patch so it didn't have much to grind up against.

EDIT: I think I rambled on a bit much and didn't clarify my thoughts. Right now, the bike/price is for as-is condition. I have bigger, more detailed pictures of the bike so you can have a better idea of the condition of hte bike, so just send me an email and I'll get the pictures to you.
Once I take apart the bike so I can get the frame tested, its going to be a part out. A clean titled frame goes for almost my asking price now, so its a good deal (in my opinion) if the frame/engine is as good as I think it is.
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