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Selling my used Scorpio Alarm. There is a crack in the Plastic screen of the remote but does not affect it at all. You can replace it through the company directly for $15.00. Wiring harness included for CBR1000RR making it plug and play. You can get a different bikes harness for $20.00 here is needed.

$200 Shipped Lower 48 :shakehand

Security Features of the SR-i900
· RFID technology – Auto activates and deactivates the system
· Dual Axis Accelerometer – Detects Impact and Inclination
· Two-Way FM Transceiver
· Long Range Paging Transmitter
· Waterproof Design Meets OEM Specifications
· Selectable Audible and Vibrating Alerts
· Integrated 125dB Programmable Multi-Tone Siren
· Displays Violation Type with Time Stamp
· Range Confirmation Signal (RCS)
The all-new SR-i900 is the first two-way FM security system that incorporates the convenience of RFID technology, designed specifically for the motorcycle industry. By utilizing High Frequency RF technology, it is capable of sending and receiving data from up to ½ mile away from the motorcycle.The all new SR-i900 introduces the next step in motorcycle security by incorporating the convenience of hand free operation to an ultra-compact 2 way FM paging security system designed specifically for the motorcycle industry.
By incorporating RFID to the system is able to know when the remote is walking close to the bike and when its not, allowing the user to never have to reach for the remote to protect the bike.
By utilizing High Frequency FM technology, the SR-i900 transceiver is capable of sending and receiving commands from up to ½ Mile away from the motorcycle.
For its sensing mechanism, the SR-i900 utilizes a built in accelerometer that detects both impact and changes of angles with a high degree of accuracy. It allows the module to be placed in any position or mounting angle and requires no adjustments.
The SR-i900 control module also offers a built in programmable multi tone siren and to ensure durability the module is manufactured to meet OEM specs
For simple installation the SR-i900 offers optional factory style connector kits that simply plug into the motorcycle’s factory wiring harness creating a non-destructive installation.


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