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Okay so I have a 2006 cbr600rr I’ve done a little bit of work and replacing things trying to get my fuel pump to work but it doesn’t wanna prime. To start this off my first question is does the 06 RR model have a zener diode. My headlights work turn signals work. The relay for the fuel pump is getting 11-12v but not sending any voltage to the fuel pump. It’s reading 0.1v from the wires sending voltage to the pump. I’ve jumped the wires to check it my pump works and it starts and runs great. I drove it a few times with it like that knowing it’s not good obviously but I wanna tackle this problem and make it right. So any help would great. My battery is fine so please don’t mention battery it’s already been road today. If anyone has any wiring diagrams that be awesome thanks
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