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Hey guys, had to replace head gasket on my 05 cbr600rr. Put everything back together but now the fuel pump will only prime with kill switch off. Once I press in the ignition switch it primes. But, once I push the kill switch to on, there is no priming of fuel pump, not even when I press in the ignition. Bought a new kill switch assembly, didn't solve it. Checked the BAS, had that upside down apparently. lol The relays click, replaced every fuse I could find.

Battery is brand new. Also the gauge cluster does not light up at all either. Checked every connector on the harness and couldn't find anything plugged incorrectly.

Any ideas?

It seems like there is a wire issue if anything, sounds like something some how got crossed. But don't see how that could happen? Also the wiring harness and key ignition are only two years old.

Thank you for any help.
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