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Fuel Tank Capacity...???

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Ok..I have been wondering for a while what the Capacity of my '06 is...SO I look it up....And it Says 4.8G?
It also Says there is a .9G reserve...SO that leaves me with 3.9G of fuel on the regular scale I believe.


The most I have Ever Put in it is 3.33G at fill up?

That's when the Last bar is Blinking and HAs been....
Where the hell is the rest of my gas volume/Capacity at at?

It really sucks having to fill up every hundred miles while everyone else is still good on fuel while being out on a ride?
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4.8gallons is what the tank holds. With only ~.9gallons left in the tank, the low fuel light starts blinking. It could be less then .9gallons, it could be more.

Ride in higher gears if you don't want to fuel up so much. i just recently filled up my tank when it hit the reserve light and got 176 miles out of it.
You really didn't pay attention when you read what I wrote did you?
You saw what you wanted and didn't get the COntext.
My point is that the tank says it holds 4.8G...Fine.

I have never put more than 3.3G in it at fill up...and that was after the light had been blinking for my point was that the Gas Gauge must be WAY FRIGGIN' off on this bike if I still Have another gallon and a half left in the tank.
Sounds like my Reserve is blinking way too soon...about a Gallon too soon and I never knew it.
Well, if you wanted to know what your range really is you could ride it to empty. I've heard others say that the low fuel light comes on to early. Try going by your odometer instead.
Well....I have figured that I get about 29-31 MPG out of the 3-3.3G I usually put in in theory..I should be able to get about another 35+ miles out of the tank EASY after my light starts blinking.

I might Actually run it out to see if this is right..but I will do it close to home with someone on standby with a gas can.

And dont give me the crap about it being bad for the pump..I know that.
YOu guys are still issing the point....The most I EVER ut in at FIll up is 3.3Gals...That it....and that is after running on the light for a bit.

My gauge must be way off if there4 is still about a Gallon and a half in the tank....Hell...I should still not have the light blinkg for about another half agallon according to all I have seen.
I am not Bent out of Shape..sorry if it seems I was..But I cannot Really Believe how fr off the Fuel Gauge is.

I mean...Its not a litlle off..ITs like 25% off...thats huge!

I know I get right at about 30MPG....I am gonna See if I can get 135 out of my next tank...I have never done more than 110.

That should be the equivalent of 4.5Gals. worth of fuel and enough to get me to a station....I will let you guys know when I try it..which may be a bit since my bike is torn down and Things are out for powdercoating.
You guys are soo far off Topic at this point its pointless. are trying to be Mr. Smart guy..and although you may have your theories Fact..Applying them wrong.

Not to wention, I do belive the float on our bikes is situated from left to right (I just took mine out this week to swap tanks)...not front to rear to help with exactly what you are referring to and there is a Built in delay on the response time of the fuel level....Other wise it would always change.
I do know that when I start the bike on the stand...It registers on thing....and I pick it up..It still registers the same..for about 20-30 seconds.....then it changes to the Current and Correct(in theory) level.

The Problem Simply lies in one thing....The potentiometer for the Gas level is not correctly set from the factory.
End of Story.

No Inerertia of mass.....No Laws of Physics....No Discussing the earths rotation and gravatational pull.

It a simple Thing....The Gauge does not read correctly because either the OEM Potentiometer is Off....Out of calibration OR the Bar for the Float is bent.

And since more than one of us notice this on more than one bike...It would be safe to assume its in the manufacturing and the parts used in the bikes...Not in our heads.

Its pretty simple.....My light starts flashing right around 100 miles....I ride a bit more to 107....maybe 110....I fill up....3.3Gals.

I Still have 1.5 Gals of gas according to my capacities....Which means my Reserve light shouldnt have been be on until I burn another .6gals of fuel.

The gauge and The reserve light is way off...Nothing else.
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