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Some of you have seen this bike already, in my threads, when I got it... well, I never raced this one, and only put 3 to 4 miles on it tooling around my neighborhood adjusting controls.

I DO NOT want to sell this bike, mainly because I never got to turn a single lap in anger! But... I have to sell it.

This is a former AMA Pro Formula Xtreme bike - Larry Pegram's team, ridden by Ryan Elleby - it is a full race build, from a new bike... $3,400

•Apex radial master cyldinder & lever
•Motor has a lot of HRC internals - don't have all details
•Leo Vince SBK full titanium exhaust
•Ohlins fork internals (.95kg/mm)
•Penske Triple shock
•Billet top triple clamp
•GPR steering damper
•Woodcraft rearsets
•Woodcraft clip-ons
•Renthal grips
•NRC stator cover
•Lightened flywheel
•PC III (tuned for 118hp at the wheel on pump gas - 123hp on race fuel)
•Bazzaz quick shifter
•Zero Gravity Double-Bubble
•BMC air filter
•EBC wave rotors
•SBS dual carbon racing brake pads
•Lightened rear rotor (uncertain of brand)
•Speigler braided stainless lines

Extras include:

•Spare forks with Penski internals (.85kg/mm Race Tech springs)
•Cycle Cat rearsets (custom made set for Pegram)
•Cycle Cat clip-ons (custom made set for Pegram)
•Spare levers
•Spare cush drive with sprocket
•Wheel set that might need straightening
•2 extra sets of crashed bodywork, that could be repaired
•New supersport tail that uses stock seat
•OEM rotors, starter, flywheel, brake lines, and top triple clamp

The bike is located in Wichita, KS - interested parties, get in touch!

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legit bike, though it's not an 07
Well color me stupid, it's an '06!!

I don't know the older RRs that well, and I guess I just haven't really thought about it in so long, I either remembered incorrectly, or maybe the seller that I got it from thought it was an '07... it didn't matter to me, the bike's pedigree and equipment list was what I was after, but I'm really glad you pointed this out! :shakehand
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