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Hi guys,

Just thought I'd chuck a thread up on here regarding the G&G Slipon Exhaust for our CBR600RR's (07-13). As I couldn't really find much info when I ordered mine. Sorry about the quality of some of the pictures.

Anyway onto the exhaust... (G&G Big Oval Carbon w/db Killer)

Video from G&G Nederland is pretty informative

G&G Italy Website said:
Max Power:
Factory ~ [email protected],065rpm
G&G Exhaust (No Silencer) ~ [email protected],728rpm

Max Torque
Factory: 6,[email protected]
G&G: 6,[email protected]

Factory: 4.25kg
G&G: 3.30kg

My own pics

Factory Vs G&G

I chose this system based on
- Design (Tip matches factory lines of the bike IMO)
- Removable silencer (Police have clammed down hard in New Zealand regarding modified exhausts)
- Sound
- Lastly possibility of performance enhancement (But realistically for the above points)

was pretty simply, took less than 1 hour. Only difficulty was that I needed a second person to help get the system over the slip joint. Instructions supplied with the kit were a 8.5/10... reasonably simply to follow, and reasonable english. First timer / someone not familiar with working on cars/bikes may take a little longer, but the supplied photos would get you there. Kit came with fresh banjo clamp, and new washers for fairing bolts which was nice.

Italian made, welds and fitment were good. There is room to adjust the rear most mounts to get the pipe centred - however I didn't need to make any adjustment.

Re the video at the top, fantastic under full throttle, some cracking / cackling under light throttle / low revs / throttle shutting. Over all noise level ok to ride with even without the silencer - no need for ear plugs.

I ordered mine from Michiel @ G&G Bike Nederland - He was great to deal with, shipped the item all the way to New Zealand no worries. Quick, prompt and polite replies to emails (Very unlike some other suppliers / distributors I contacted while shopping around)

Hope this help, and yes next mod will be a tail tidy / fender eliminator (Suggestions welcome for which one to get)!

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I like how the can tip matches the 600RR's plastic shields on either side, one of the cleanest, most OEM looking cans I've ever seen. Those with an integrated tail light may have an issue though, the peak looks like it would block some of it.

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Wow that looks awesome looks way better than any other exhausts ive seen asides from akra.

Tripage needs to make a u-bracket that goes under it and drops its 1/2 a inch that way u can mount the plate bracket and have a more visible it....
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