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Galfer Brake Pads Help.

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Well im getting the galfer wave rotors and there are so many options of pads to pick from. My bike is only for riding on the street no track at all. Can someone please tell me which pads i should be getting.

Thank You
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stock pads will void warranty
are you guys tlaking about the Sintered Kit HH?
I'am gettin the galfer rear and front wave rotors so i should get the Sintered Kit HH pads.
Ive never owned wave rotors and just wondered from the ones that do own them if they are so great for the $$ you spend on them are they that much better then the stock rotors? Since most people do pads at the same time are they attributing the better brakes to the rotors when really its the pads they are feeling?
I don't think that they actually make you stop better but they're supposed to be lighter for less rotating mass, and run cooler for less brake fade.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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