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Since this falls under the "Fuel delivery" portion of this subforum, here goes:

Long story short, I think I broke something under my gas tank at the track yesterday when I was trying to fix my idle adjustment knob. I'd go out for a session and come back to find gas on the frame near the intake tubes, on the tubes, on the ecu and bascically the entire tank area under the fairings.

I pulled the tank up and back, and the gas was all over the main feed line, as well as the inside of the tank. I am 99% sure I pinched the main feed line from the tank to the upper injectors (the one you have to hook in that little hook thingy when you put the tank back down). So im going to go ahead and order the kit from RonAyers.

My question is this: Can anyone else think of any other place I should check that the fuel might be coming from? It would not leak out when sitting still, i sat it there and ran for 5-10 mins, blipping the throttle every now and then (not to redline of course) so its either when the revs get really high, or its in combination of the vibration.

Anyways, figured I'd ask the mighty .net gods for any other advice

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