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I'd hate to part with it but someone kind enough to give me a heads up

2007 30K 600rr White / Silver
Pretty much babied but showing age .. what is she worth in the mid west please ?

Sprockets one up rear one down front , speedo healer
aftermarket padded seat cover , tank grip pads
Power commander questionable working order
MOTY customized Dash ( soo pretty ) Gear indicator no longer functioning ( get back at Me Bri.. WTH msn,, I'll pay for a replacement gauge )
various other small mods nothing spectacular .. been down once small scratch in frame about rear wheel
plastics we replaced then OEM no frame damage..

She hot 168 mph easy back in her day pre sprocket mods.. but I didn't need that top end ..

sorry if this was the wrong place to inquire Mods move as needed .

Yes that is a lot of miles for a midwest bike I cant believe it my self ..
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