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Getting back on a bike after a 18 year layoff

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Hi all, my name is Dave. Sold my Ninja 600r 18 years ago and have been drag racing Ford Mustangs ever since. Sold the car a few weeks ago, fun hobby, but time consuming and expensive. I want to get back into riding and have been looking for a 600cc sportbike for a few weeks. I'm not up on bikes anymore so I have a bunch of questions. Most importantly right now, I think I found a good bike at a good price. 2004 cb600f4i. 4,000 miles. Never wrecked, no dings scratches. I'm supposed to look at it tomorrow. He's asking 4,500.....good deal?
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welcome back :D

the second i rode a bike i lost interest in cars, i dnu how u managed all those years without one

thats a bit expensive though, you can find much better offers

good luck
The car I just sold was street legal(passed va state inspection), full interior and would run 10.6x's at 130mph off the street. That kept things pretty interesting for me lol. So that sounds high? Been having a helluva time finding something that has not been thrashed on. Thanks for the reply.
yeah, sounds a bit high. good luck finding one, bikes can be an expensive hobby too, haha. welcome!
I misposted, it's a cbr600f4, not a cb600f4.
welcome you need to catch up that 18 years you just lost... hahahaha...its all good
Picked it up today. Had to drive it a little over 2 hours to get back home. I was very nervous since I have not road in so long, but after a few minutes it was I had never stopped. Love the bike!


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Congrats and welcome. You got some catching up to do, but like they say 'its like riding a bike and it'll all come back to you'.
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