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I just finished up day 2 with Reg Pridmore and the gang at Oyrider suggested them to me many weeks ago. One word: WOW.

First off, this is my first time ever being on a track. That in and of itself was quite intimidating. I am glad that I had the benefit of being instructed by an AMA Hall of Fame inductee to start myself in the right direction. Reg was amazing, and DAMN is he fast...

I would highly recommend this school to anybody looking to sharpen their skills or gain that "extra" edge on the track. I, of course, rode the slow group. There was an "A" group for those more experienced track riders out there, which had its own group of instructors and pro / former pro racers to ride with them.

All in all, the experience was amazing. I did push myself a few times right to the edge. Luckily I kept the rubber on the track. I will be seeking out more track days and hopefully some experienced riders to tuck in behind to learn the ropes.

Thanks to all of you who had a say so in helping me select CLASS.
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